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Affordable Housing

With Dumas Housing Authority, we believe affordable housing is a human right. That’s why we strive to make affordable housing possible for everyone. Some are not blessed with the same financial means as others; Equal Housing Opportunity programs ensure that every qualifying person receives affordable living arrangements. As a housing authority, we work in accordance with federal programs designed to assist low-income individuals and families as well as disabled and Senior citizens. If you feel you qualify and would like to receive assistance, please contact our office today at (870) 382-5457.

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What is low-income housing?

Also referred to as public housing, low-income housing ensures that persons of limited financial means receive affordable living arrangements. Several factors are considered including annual income the number of household members, and more. Federal programs such as Public housing illustrate some of the requirements needed to qualify.

How do I apply?

If you have reviewed some of the federal program links above and feel you may qualify, please download the information for our application link and contact Dumas Housing Authority today at (870) 382-5457. We'll schedule a visit or call to get your application process started.

What do I need to apply?

Before submitting your application, you will need the following items:

      • Proof of Social Security Number for all household members.
      • Photo Identification of all adults.
      • Birth certificate of all household members.
      • Proof of all income for the household.

affordable housing for every person.

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